张 倍源

Zhang Beiyuan

"I write music, making excel sheets and do fashion brand building, occasionally doing pattern making & design"

C 的构造 / The Form Of C

2020 - Present

“我和合伙人YMUG在2020年创立了时装品牌The Form Of C,中文名为C的构造,及在无常的混乱想象中找到一种构造。这个项目现在已经完成3个胶囊系列,并参与上海时装周Mode展会。”
"My partner YMUG and I established the fashion brand "The Form Of C" in 2020. The Chinese name translates to "C的构造," which represents finding a structure within the ever-changing chaotic imagination. This project has completed 3 capsule collections and participated in the Mode Show at Shanghai Fashion Week."


Bey 倍


我在2023年6月2日自主发行了我的第一张音乐专辑<GAMMA is a GAMMA stems from GAMMA>。这张专辑由我自行创作并制作。在制作这张专辑的过程中,我接触并实践了各个环节的工作流程,包括专辑的混音,母带,平面设计,发行计划,DSP渠道管理以及部分宣发。
On June 2, 2023, I independently released my first music album titled <GAMMA is a GAMMA stems from GAMMA>. I composed and produced this album entirely on my own. Throughout the production process, I engaged in various aspects of the workflow, including mixing the album, mastering, graphic design, distribution planning, DSP channel management, and some promotional activities.


ARC‘TERYX Retail Initiative / 始祖鸟零售企划


我在Polimoda的大三期末项目,与Rocco L.Gulla共同完成。在这个项目中,我们对始祖鸟品牌进行了全面的品牌及市场分析,在搜集了广泛的时尚零售行业的前沿信息后,我们为其打造了一个属于未来的全渠道虚实结合零售空间,以及商业论证(成本核算,收支平衡点与目标预算),Buying&Merchandising Plan和Lookbook设计。
For my final project in my third year at Polimoda, I collaborated with Rocco L. Gulla. In this project, we conducted a comprehensive brand and market analysis of ARC'TEYRX. After gathering external force from the fashion retail industry, we developed a future-oriented omni-channel retail space for the brand, along with a business justification (cost analysis, break-even point, and target budget), Buying & Merchandising Plan, and Lookbook design.

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