GAMMA is a GAMMA stems from GAMMA

Release Date:2023/06/02

《GAMMA IS A GAMMA STEMS FROM GAMMA》是Bey 倍的首张专辑,制作时间跨越了2019年至2023年。这张专辑受到80-00年代电子乐的启发,融合了Electronica、Electro Dance、Minimal、Shoegaze、Hardcore、House、Trance、Drum & Bass等多种音乐流派。
Bey 倍’s debut album, <GAMMA IS A GAMMA STEMS FROM GAMMA>,was produced between 2019 and 2023. Inspired by electronic music from the 80s to the 2000s, the album encompasses various genres such as Electronica, Electro Dance, Minimal, Shoegaze, Hardcore, House, Trance, Drum & Bass, and more.

Bey 倍的音乐在合成器音景、人声和文本中纠结和拉扯,如伽玛射线般的能量将两种极端归一。
Bey 倍's music entwines and tugs between synthesizer soundscapes, vocals, and lyrics. The energy akin to gamma rays unifies two extremes into one.

"Pain is love, satisfaction is anhinilation, confusion is truth"
-Bey 倍

Each song in the album has been given a unique cover, created by artificial intelligence using lyrics comprehension as a prompt. This resulted in a collection of nostalgic images reminiscent of lost footage from the 90s, captured with analog cameras.